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Hi, I'm Hannah Darrah. I'm the animator at Berlin Studios and I make stop-motion videos.
 FAQ: What is your process like? Clients come to me with ideas and I create storyboards and set design/character sketches based on our discussions via phone and email. I create the characters and sets and then I animate. I send the clients video and picture updates throughout the process. I prioritize communicating with my clients to ensure that I make an animation that they are totally proud of. How long does it take to make a stop-motion video? It really depends on what the commission calls for and how many projects I'm juggling at the time, but it takes roughly 3 weeks for me to make a 1 minute video. How does payment work? I ask to be paid 50% in the beginning of the process and then the other half once the animation is 100% complete. Message me about my rate: