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Peach Finn Askew Polydor Music Video Still

hello :)


I'm the lead  animator at Berlin Studios.  

Clients come to me with a need for unique and custom content that brings imagination and creativity to their product and brand. 

i am Hannah Darrah.

I make stop motion and digital music videos, product videos, and other marketing content for businesses.

I provide a variety of animated, illustrated and design services.  Feel free to reach out with any questions by messaging me here.


Studio photos taken by: Alyssa Mancini

Hannah Darrah did an interview with Silvergun Records where she answers questions about her career and the animation process. Read the interview.


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We can adapt to whatever your illustration needs may be. We have experience illustrating with paper, clay, paint, pencil, or digital art.  

This choice cuts out a lot of the time in pre-production by using stock images or photos that you already have available.

This is a custom option using clay animation or digital art.

starting at

$250 USD

starting at

$300 USD

starting at

$500 USD

Custom Length



Full Length

Custom Size




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We're so excited to hear your project ideas and to begin the conversation!

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