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I am the animator at Berlin Studios.  

Clients come to me with a need for unique and custom content that brings imagination and creativity to their product and brand. 

I'm Hannah Darrah.

I make stop motion and digital music videos, product videos, and other marketing content for businesses.

I provide a variety of animated, illustrated and design services.  Feel free to reach out with any questions by messaging me here.


Studio photos taken by: Alyssa Mancini


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We can adapt to whatever your illustration needs may be. We have experience illustrating with paper, clay, paint, pencil, or digital art.  

This choice cuts out a lot of the time in pre-production by using stock images or photos that you already have available.

This is a custom option using clay animation or digital art.

starting at

$250 USD

starting at

$300 USD

starting at

$500 USD

Custom Length



Full Length

Custom Size





We ask for a 50% deposit of the agreed upon budget before beginning the process and we will e-mail invoices via Paypal.


Via e-mail or video call, we will discuss your needs and ask you to answer a series of questions to help us get a clear idea of what you have in mind.


Using your feedback from the brief, we will create a detailed sketch of the project.  For an animation, this includes a storyboard and animatic.


All of the edits have been applied and you are now able to see the final product!  Any additional edits will be added to the final payment invoice.


Using everything gathered while brainstorming, we will deliver a brief which describes and illustrates a few options for the project.


One pass of edits is included at this stage of the process and in the agreed upon budget for the project.  I'll be sure to define what one pass means in the beginning of the process.


We will deliver all of the exports to you via dropbox.

Yay!  The project is now in your hands!

We send the final deposit invoice via Paypal after delivering the final exports.

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