I am the animator at Berlin Studios.  

Clients come to me with the desire for unique and custom content that brings imagination and creativity to their product and brand. 

I'm Hannah Darrah.

One of the great perks to being an animation and recording studio is that we are able to provide custom audio for our videos. 

I make stop motion music videos, product videos, and other marketing content for businesses.

Take a look below, and if you think Berlin Studios is right for you, shoot us an e-mail here.




We can adapt to whatever your illustration needs may be.  We have experience illustrating with paper, clay, paint, pencil, or digital art.  



Starting at $200

Animated Icons

Icons are a great way to illustrate your website or marketing materials.  Whether you already have graphics or need them designed from scratch, we can help provide that extra touch by animating your icons and delivering them to you as gifs.   


Starting at $200

Animated Logos

We love to collaborate with our clients to create an animated logo that best represents their brand and what they stand for.  These animations tend to have more complexity than an animated icon.  We are happy to help you build a logo from scratch or will work with what graphics you already have.


Starting at $500

Music Visualizers

This is our lower cost animation option for music artists.  Our visualizers are a simplified animation that repeats during the length of a song, great for YouTube or social media.  Pricing and turnaround depends on if the elements are already made or need to be made from scratch and whether they are digital or handmade with stop-motion filming.  We can provide a variety of exports for YouTube, IG story, IG post, etc.

Starting at $1000

Animation and stop-motion puppet commissioned by Polydor Records. Packshot by Beth Lane.

Other Social Media and Marketing Animations


Showcase your products, brand, or ideas through custom animation.  We enjoy collaborating with our clients to create the most effective marketing materials for their business.  Pricing depends on the length of the animation, the complexity of the animation and whether elements are handmade or digitally created.  We can provide a variety of exports for YouTube, IG story, IG post, etc.


Starting at $500

Music Video and Short Films

Music videos and short films are our expertise!  We are constantly adapting our materials and tools to make our client's dreams come true.  We will guide you through the process as we develop your storyboard, imagine your character and set designs, and bring your story and ideas to life through movement, color, and custom sound.  Whether you have a fully developed idea of what you're looking for or if you need us to start from scratch, we'd love to discuss your ideas.  We'd love to hear more about your project here!   



Starting at $2000 per minute of footage

Custom animation and audio for Camphollow.com