the Process:

My wife Hannah and I founded Berlin so artists from Philly could have an affordable studio recording option outside of the city. We’re a relatively small operation and the bulk of our recording studio is located on the second floor of a (very) old house in the South Jersey suburbs.

We specialize in creative approaches to arrangement and production that enhance the vision of the artist with goal of creating something truly unique.

Listen below, and if Berlin Studios is right for you, shoot us an e-mail here.

I'm Joe Michelini

I’m the audio engineer at Berlin Studios. 


Have some songs you're considering recording? Let's talk! We want to help you do more of what you do best. Let us know what you're going for and send them over.

Feel free to include references and an ideal timeframe.






After we listen to the demos, we'll do our best to hop on the phone and talk about your songs, what we have to offer, and if Berlin Studios will be a good fit for you. You can ask us any questions about the process that you'd like.






Once we've decided on some dates that will work for you and the studio, we'll shoot you over an invoice with a request for a 50% deposit to keep the dates on the calendar.






Recording! Think about it like shopping for produce. We're looking to capture the best takes we possibly can, in approximately the amount we need them, and probably just a little bit more.







In some ways, mixing is like cooking! It all comes together here, and the ingredients you so carefully hand chose are prepared to compliment one another while maintaining their own unique place in the aural spectrum. This part of the process is unattended, meaning you're back at work or playing a gig. 






After mixing, we'll inevitably want to make a few tiny tweaks (or not!). Each song comes with two rounds of revisions. This ensures thoughtful, finite criticism and intentional work. 






Once mixes are approved, the studio will print the files for mastering. From there, we can send them to any mastering studio you'd like, and you're on your way to a finished work!

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